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Jhoselyn Herrera

Sea & Moon Healing

Holistic life Coaching & Integrated healing arts

"Don't worry if you're making waves simply by being yourself,

The moon does it all the time"

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Please reach out, I’d love to connect with you!




My office

Virtual ( Zoom )

Phone call

In-home visit

Phone Number

(347)500-8794. (Text preferably)

Email Address


All services are offered on an individual contribution basis.

Your commitment to your healing and well-being

is priceless to me, money is a form of energy exchange.

My price range sliding scale is $100-$200 per session,

with monthly packages, and payment plans available.

for 1:1 consultations. Payments are conducted

both Online or in person***

I invite you to contribute at a level that is comfortable

for you and in such a way that allows you to express

the value you hold for our time together.

Email me if you have any further questions and see if this is

a right fit for you.

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Healing starts here

Holistic Life Coaching & Integrated Healing Arts can:

  • Reconnect you with your authentic self
  • Find deep and transformative healing
  • Get the support you are seeking
  • Reclaim your health and happiness
  • Make significant changes in your life
  • Feel empowered
  • Find clarity
  • Release guilt
  • Align with your true purpose in life.
  • Support, Motivation, and Help reach Goals.

Holistic Life Coaching is solution-focused therapeutic support that provides many tools to shift from negative to more peaceful, pleasant, and positive states physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It also incorporates Integrated Healing Arts, otherwise known as Alternative Medicine.

Integrated Healing Arts/Alternative Medicine options available:

  • Meditation/Guided visualizations
  • Oracle Readings
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Aromatherapy
  • Emotional Release Work
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Reiki/Energy Healing Sessions
  • Vibrational Sound Bowl Healing & Tuning Forks

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My area of expertise lies in assisting women who experience Self-doubt, anxiety, mom/genera guilt, lack of confidence, and difficulty in finding clarity and accomplishing new goals. My goal is to support them in breaking free from toxic patterns, unfulfilling relationships, and careers, and to develop a deep sense of confidence, believing in their worthiness and recognizing their inherent value.

Holistic Life Coaching Programs available:

  • Weekly Session
  • 3-month Program
  • 6-month Program
  • 1-year program

Each program consists of weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Prices vary. Email or text me for more information .

Why did I start coaching?

I have always been intrigued by integrated healing arts and am highly intuitive, with a deep interest in holistic spiritual alternatives.

We are complex beings and to provide the best-structured support, I work with you on all aspects of self. When we address these areas holistically (mind, body, and spirit), we create more fulfillment and balance, and ultimately happiness in life.

I aim to connect people to their bodies, mind, and soul, which helps in understanding their life's purpose.

I creatively combine energy healing and life coaching to remove blocks to create a holistic harmonious life. I help my multi-passionate clients to re-discover themselves, their soul's purpose, and spiritual gifts. I teach my clients how to tap in, tune in, and trust the intuition within themselves. I use spiritual and strategic coaching to help my clients realize their innate worth and support their healing

As a newly published children's book author, I know what it feels like to accomplish your dreams. My own journey from feeling unfulfilled, stressed, and anxious to find my soul purpose, my dharma inspired me to help others.

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Services Offered

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Choose what Resonates with you

Female College Student

Sun Codes

Life coaching

1:1 session

Weelkly to a year Coaching

Learn More

Reiki Healing Treatment

Light Codes

Reiki 1:1

Age 13 & Up

In person or virtual

Learn More

Fortune Teller Reading Tarot Cards

Moon Codes

Oracle Readings

Archangels to sefl-care

Reading 45min $55

Learn More

Woman Using Singing Bowl in Sound Healing  Outdoors, Closeup

Alchemy Codes

Vibrational Sound Healing

Guided Meditation

workshops package soon

Learn More

White Sage, Palo Santo

Earth Codes

Aromatherapy & Smudging

the process of Energy clearing & cleansing

Learn More

Pregnant Couple with Doula at Home

Starseed Codes

coming soon

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Client Feedback

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Hannah Morales

Mother, Florida

“Jhoselyn is a very talented, calm, patient, empathetic, and empowering coach. also one of the most compassionate, and helpful people I knoww. She is a wonderful life coach. Through her caring and positive approach, she would be able to help with many life issues, whether job, life stage, loss, or relationship issues. Her own experiences enhance her ability to assist others in identifying a better path. ps: love her cute accent haha"

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" I found that I needed to be pushed to do something about achieving some goals. Since I started with her, I have been eating better (mostly), losing 7 pounds, and forcing myself to find time to edit my book. She has been very effective in getting me to not only articulate my goals but do something about achieving them. As an external forcing function, she has been effective in my getting my life as a widower back in focus; there were things I wanted to accomplish, but I didn't even know how to express them until she, over several sessions, got me to figure out which things I was working on were important, and which ones were merely time sinks which did not move me closer to my goals. I have been very pleased with what we have accomplished and would recommend her to others in my condition. I feel a lot better about where my life is going and I'm thankful for her"

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